Phello opportunities rise and 99% of them come from people we already know.

So why do we merely aggregate names on platforms like LinkedIn?

Instead of organizing, automating and reaching
to our own personal network?

Phello is a professionally mentored way to be top of mind for a new job, board role or consulting project.

Say Hello to Phello and discover how quickly the Phello team can help you create a digital presence, become organized and harness the power of automated communications.

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Kurt Phelps, leader
of a successful global
recruiting firm and
founder of Phello.
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Membership Levels

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 No contracts, members pay month to month.
14 Day Free Trial
Personal/Professional Website
Professional Relationship Manager (PRM)
Email Templates, Videos, Webinars & Articles
Live Chat
Personal Brand & Career Networking Expert

(30-Minute Zoom Sessions)

2 sessions

per month
4 sessions

per month
* New Members are not eligible for Professional Tier.  This tier is designed for Members who have previously campaigned and are proficient using Phello Tools.

The benefits of membership.

  • 14 Day Free Trial:The Free Trial ends on the last day of the 14 day period at which point your credit card will be charged at the subscription plan you chose.
  • Personal/Professional Website: The “Personal Website” is a unique website that the Subscriber creates using a provided template that is hosted by Phello and is offered to all membership levels. This URL can be either publicly searchable or kept private, depending on the Subscriber’s preferences. At the Elite level, the Phello support team will review and give feedback on the Subscriber’s site. Visit the website of a Phello member.
  • Professional Relationship Manager: The “PRM” is the Phello platform offered to all membership levels. The Subscriber’s contacts can be easily uploaded to the PRM from any source to one central location where contacts are stored, organized, and managed. The PRM offers automated communications with targeted emailing to the Subscriber’s contracts (“email campaigns”) as well as access to all articles, documents, templates, videos, and webinars in the “Phello Insights” section. At the Elite level, Subscribers can get feedback on email communications.
  • Email templates, Videos, Webinars & Articles: Phello Insights provides a comprehensive library of:
    • Professionally created email templates and sample letters
    • Detailed Subscriber guides, training documents and videos to educate the Subscribers about Phello platform and how to use it
    • Regular webinars that provide a direct look at the platform from every perspective. Attendees need to register once and then can attend at any of the listed webinar times at their convenience
  • Resource Center: Visit Phello Insights, our collated reserve of letter formats and content examples, videos, webinars, articles and more.
  • Live Chat: We offer live digital support with a Phello advisor who can answer any questions you may have as you create your website, write emails, follow up with your contacts, etc.

Only Phello offers pre- and post- mentoring.

  • Whether you chose Live Chat or One-on-One Meetings, your questions can range from technical concerns to conversations about potential career opportunities, board roles or consulting projects. Your Phello team has decades of corporate recruiting experience, so we know what works—on screen and off.
  • Personal Brand & Career Networking Expert: Schedule 2 to 4 Zoom calls per month with a Phello advisor for support with your personal professional website and advice on organizing and communicating with your network to find a full-time position, consulting opportunity, advisory or board role.
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